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Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options


Served with tomato, onion, red cabbage, green and red pepper.


Highly-seasoned chick peas in Berbere sauce garlic (medium spicy).


Combination of Gomen, Yatakilt Wat, Yemsir Wat Yekik Alicha Beets and Potato Salad, and Misir Alicha and salad.

What people say about us

David B
David B
A Taste of Something Different This is my partner's favourite place so when we were taking her son out for his birthday dinner and he said he wanted to come here she was very happy. We've been here many times and we always go for that same dishes. The Vegi Combo Plate with Tibs ($50.85) was as always very tasty offering a good variety of different tastes. We needed an extra order of Ingera ($1.00) and my partner has a glass of Shiraz ($6.00). We also had the Coffee Ceremony ($12.00). If you have never been and have an adventurous side Wass is well worth a visit. You rip of pieces of Ingera, you then use the ingera to pick up your food, no utensils here unless you ask for them. As well if it's your first time and you like coffee it is worth having the coffee ceremony where you learn a little bit about the Ethiopian culture and enjoy some very good coffee. I think with Wass you are likely to either love it or hate it, but I think it is worth a try.
You have to try this special place Its the way you eat with no utensils and the Ethiopian soft flat bread that you eat with that makes this so special. It was not busy when we were there and its hard to believe as the cost was reasonable and the food fantastic. Will return again for another visit.
Emily B
Emily B
Wonderful authentic Ethiopian restaurant! I wanted to have Ethiopian food for my birthday meal, and my husband did not disappoint when he made a reservation at Wass restaurant. The food was delicious and well presented. The service was shy but friendly and not rushed, which was nice for a birthday meal.
Great flavour! Great experience! We enjoyed the vegetarian platter and lamb skillet. Both were delicious and very filling for two. My husband has been again since and I am sure we will be returning. Our young son was not a big fan, so I would not recommend for families with young children who are not used to trying new foods (although non-spicy flavours were friendly for all ages).
James J
James J
Great food, modest price. If you like Indian food, you'll love this. Seriously. Go! I live in constant fear that this place will close and then I'll have to go to Toronto for my Ethiopian food cravings. Great choices for meat eaters and vegetarians. Meals served and eaten with a traditional teff flour bread called injera - but they will happily give you cutlery if you ask. Alcohol served but even just the coffee is awesome. Service is friendly and fast. Seriously. Go. You will love it.
Marnie W
Marnie W
An Old Favourite Order the coffee ceremony: just amazing and a reminder that chugging a Tim Horton's in a car is not how coffee was meant to be consumed. And then enjoy the plentiful must-be-shared platter (veggie or omnivorous) and treat your tastebuds to flavourful, occasionally spicy (but not overly hot) concoctions your server will cheerfully explain. The injera is perfect: moist but not too moist, a sturdy way to deliver outstanding flavours to your increasingly-happy mouth 🙂
Nice Experience - Good Food I’d recommend. Was introduced to Ethiopian Honey Wine. Was nothing like I’d ever tasted before. Liked it. Took me a minute to figure out I was supposed to drink from the interesting bottle. Food was tasty. Love trying new things. Went with the lamb and vegetarian combo. Great choice for variety. Wasn’t as spicy as expected. Price was reasonable and service was very friendly.
Ready to try something different? A great date night I went here with my wife last week. After our long time together it can be a little hard to find something different and exciting to try on a "date night" but this restaurant definitely hits the mark. We had the Wass Veg combo and Shuro Wat. If you have never been before you basically have a special type of "bread" called Injera that the various dishes are put on top of (you also get extra Injera). You then tear off pieces and scoop of the dishes with it and eat with your hands. It is actually a lot of fun. We loved the Wass Veg. combo but weren't too big on the Shuro Wat BUT you can't love everything and our server told us that it is normally one of their biggest sellers. A couple thoughts of caution though. I don't know how well kids would do here. There didn't really seem to be a children's menu. Also I am not sure I would go here for a work lunch as it is really a communal food style. But as a date or with friends it is a blast.
A unique eating experience A unique eating experience. Textures and flavours unique to Ethiopia. No eating utensils required! Just tear off some injera bread and grab the various culinary delights. From classic meat and veggie Ethiopian strews to Shiro Wat (chick peas in Garlicky Berber sauce) or combo platters, the range and choice of spiciness is excellent. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options too and the honey wine is delicious. The atmosphere is comfortable, the staff are friendly and our whole dinners group had a great time.
Something new and a pleasant surprise I went here with a group of friends, most of us had not been here before. I wasn't sure what to expect but the food was delicious. We all enjoyed our dinner and said we would definitely go back.

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4:00PM - 10:00PM


207 James St. South
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 3A8


  • Several FACEBOOK fans have suggested that you park on Forest (just east of the Restaurant).
  • FREE parking is available one block away from the restaurant. Limited metered parking is available.
  • FREE Parking on Sunday
  • Convenient Drop-off zone just outside the restaurant



A 5 Minute Walk from St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario.

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